A Slice of Life

– A guide to pizza in Kolkata


I don’t know anyone who can say no to a slice of pizza (as you can see from the title, I equate pizza with life!). Whether you’re watching an ISL match on your couch or you want a romantic night out, pizza seems to be the answer to life’s toughest question – “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

But don’t worry, you’re not the alone in the boat of people who crave pizza 24×7.

Fun Fact #1 – the simplest pizza, the pizza all’olio e pomodoro, aka the marinara, was invented by people who couldn’t stay away from pizza. Italian sailors voyaging into the perils of the sea created this work of art with only the basic toppings of oil, tomato, oregano, and garlic as these were the only ingredients that could be stowed for long durations on the ships just because they craved a slice of home. (Great, now I’m equating pizza with home!)

Pizza has come a long way from what those sailors carried on their ship. The internationalization of pizza has taken this simple dish a long way from where it started (metaphorically and literally) – with the Mediterranean countries adding anchovies and olives to their pizzas, to the Middle Eastern personalizing it with minced meat and onions, to desis ladling everything from achaari paneer to tandoori chicken on their dough bases. With a host of new Italian and pizza places popping up all over the city, I give you my favorite 5 places to stop by for a slice of life!

  1. Brickwood – for the family
    So if you want to go authentic, then Brickwood is your go-to place – one of the few places in Kolkata serving wood-fired pizza. Their pizzas have the thinnest of bases and the distinctive wood-fire taste makes it irresistible! Quality ingredients like oven roasted garlic, fresh rocket leaves, Greek feta cheese and roast chicken make this my number one pizza place in the city.
Fun Fact #2 – authentic pizzas are made in a wood-fired brick oven heated to a blistering 400° C and inserted and retrieved with a long-handled wooden paddle. The sudden heat helps melt and blend the toppings.
  1. Bikers Café – for the adventurer
    Pizza is for any time of the day, and no one understand this better than Bikers Café. This café is on the list for one specific item on their menu – the Breakfast pizza! All the goodness and cheesiness of a regular pizza topped with crispy bacon and fried eggs. The vegetarian option comes with mushrooms and baked beans instead – ideal for your next Sunday brunch!
  1. Chicago Pizza – for the solo
    Chicago Pizza offers the biggest slices of pizza in Kolkata – each 9 inches! You can order an individual slice rather than the whole pizza as in other places so you can get a greater variety. What’s more is they have a wide range of toppings from red paprika, jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes to mutton sausage, pepperoni and chicken tikka.
Fun Fact #3 – the largest pizza ever was made by Dovilio Nardi in Rome in 2012, spanning 1261.65 square meters – that’s considerably bigger than your average bungalow! The whole pizza was gluten free and was made with the objective of promoting health consciousness while making food choices.
  1. The Super Snack Bar – for the friends
    On a student budget and craving a slice of cheesy goodness? Can’t decide whether you want Indian or Italian? Running out of vegetarian options? Don’t worry, Super Snack Bar will save the day. At extremely affordable rates, get your share of spiced up flavorful pizza laden with the perfect blend of Italian and desi toppings; complete with a thick base, chatpata tomato sauce and generous helpings of cheese.
  1. Serafina – for the couple
    If you’re in the mood to indulge (and it’s probably the beginning of the month or it’s date night) then head on over to Serafina! Serafina literally translates to angel, so walk into the arms of pizza angels into pizza heaven. The imported ingredients take the dish to a whole new level – offering everything from truffle oil to porcini. Classic, authentic, divine – perfection on a slice!

Happy Eating!

Let us know if we missed any place out and what your favourite pizza place is.

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