Everyday is FryDay

Burger and Fries

Picture Courtesy: Amanda Antoinette

True Story – I legitimately order burgers just to get the fries on the side because priorities.

Fries are eaten almost everywhere in the world. No matter what you like with your fries (ketchup, mayonnaise or just a good sprinkling of salt) or what you call them (chips, bhaaja or plain old fries), the comfort in a heap of fries is undeniable. Is there anything better than aloo bhaaja for lunch?

Fun Fact #1: There’s an entire museum dedicated to fries in Belgium! The Freitmuseum in Brugge, Belgium has everything from the history of potatoes to quizzes on fries and secrets on how to make the perfect fry.

If you’re truly a Fry Fan you should give the Guess the Fry Game a fry (…I mean try!) All you have to do is go to all your favourite places in the city for fries and bring them home. Blindfolded, try to guess which fry comes from where just by smelling, feeling and (of course) tasting it! The person who guesses the most fries right wins bragging rights and gets to finish off the rest of the fries!

Fun Fact #2: McDonald’s serves approximately 40,82,331 kilos (or 9 million pounds) of fries per day globally.

French Fries
Fries are diversifying rapidly with every fry-lover’s wishes coming true. Restaurants are churning out everything – cheesy fries, pizza fries, curly fries, mac and cheese fries, peri peri fries and everything in between. As an accompaniment, you can’t go wrong with burgers and fries or the British special fish and chips! Besides the classic McDonald’s fries, if you prefer your fries skinny then you should try KFC. For thick, chunky fries my go-to place is Chilis. Don’t forget the Bengali favorite jhuri bhaja. Experiment with making fries at home and topping them with melted cheese, chili flakes or bacon bits!

I stumbled upon the best tasting fries ever in London’s Borough Market. They were made with sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes – it had all the deliciousness of potatoes with the added tinge of sweetness. Enthused by Western culture (aren’t we all), my sister and I attempted to replicate the dish and came up with a super simple recipe to get the perfect sweet potato fry. Added bonus: It’s not deep fried so it’s basically salad!

Fun Fact #3: Sweet Potatoes are extremely versatile and easy to cook with and can be used in pie, as mash, or as fries and in both sweet and savory dishes.

Sweet Potato Fries

Here are my 4 quick steps to sweet potato fries:

  1. Wash the potatoes thoroughly under cold water.
  2. Cut the sweet potatoes into wedges (you don’t even have to peel them!)
  3. Coat them in salt and pepper. Drizzle olive oil over the top.
  4. Place on a greased baking tray and into the oven at 220 degrees for 15-20 minutes

So plan your next trip to Belgium and in the meantime let us know what your favourite place to get fries is.

Happy FryDay!

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