Best Desserts in Kolkata

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Desserts in Kolkata

Quick Quiz – Which one best describes your mood?

  • I’ve made it through one full month of 2017 – yay! I deserve a slice of cake.
  • Its cheat day so bring out all the chocolate and caramel you can find!
  • It’s Monday and I got the blues!
  • I made it to the end of the week without having a mental breakdown.

Either which way, everyone deserves some sweet indulgence. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we got your back!

Here’s our guide to the 5 best desserts in Kolkata!

 Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

  1. Molten Chocolate (lava) Cake – Chilis

Hands down one of the best desserts the city has to offer. Warm cake topped cold vanilla ice cream and hardened chocolate shell filled with oozy chocolate lava with a splash of caramel sauce on the side got us singing “Hallelujah”! Cutting open the cake and watching the chocolate ‘lava’ ooze out is nothing short of magical.

Pocket Pinch – You can get this at any of the Chilis outlets across the city (Kasba, South City and Quest). It comes at 255 a pop but can you really put a price tag on dessert?

Also try – Chocolate Chip Paradise if you love your desserts extra extra sweet and enjoy a chooey gooey cookie

Banana Cabana

  1. Banana Cabana – Piccadilly Square

If you’re a caramel lover (like me), you’ll love this banana caramel goodness. Oozy and warm, this freshly made crepe perfects the timeless marriage of caramel and banana. I assure you that you won’t be able to stop at one. Plus, it has fruit so don’t feel too guilty – it’s basically salad!

Pocket Pinch – Available at Piccadilly Square on Sarat Bose Road and in Dalhousie for Rs 140

Also try – Celestial Chocolate (crepe stuffed with silky smooth hazelnut chocolate sauce and topped with Belgian chocolate ice cream)

  1. Cookiewich – Mumble’s Lab

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream has finally arrived in the city and we could not be more excited! What’s better than watching your ice cream being made right in front of you, wedged into two giant homemade cookies and topped with a generous helping of chocolate sauce? Nothing really! The Cookiewich dessert is available in Vanilla and Nutella – we definitely recommend the Nutella (for obvious reasons). This giant cookie sandwiches will take you right back to your childhood and make you feel 8 years old again!

Pocket Pinch – 250 for Vanilla and 280 for the Nutella. Added perk – the dessert is big enough to be shared with another person (if you’re about that sharing kinda life)

Also try – Bourn Vita, Fudge Brownie and Orange Caramel scoops – they have a ton of flavours for every palette

Movie Night Dessert

  1. Dessert Platter – Café Mezzuna

Four incredible desserts = the ultimate guilty pleasure. Classic French crème brulee, Dark chocolate fudge cake with Baileys Mousse (rated PG!), genuinely wobbly Vanilla bean panacotta with berries, and good old Italian tiramisu! Feel like a Masterchef judge as you dig in to this incredible assortment where there’s one for everyone. Grab the squad and get ready to loosen your belt buckle!

Pocket Pinch – Get the whole platter for about Rs 600 at South City and Forum

Also try – No need…you get all the best desserts in the platter itself!

Dessert Platter

  1. Movie Night – Bodega Cantina Y Bar

The name of this dessert is SO apt! This beauty is pretty as a picture (pun totally intended!). Caramel popcorn, chocolate, peanut butter and candy floss- all your favourite flavours rolled into one – a carnival in your mouth! Don’t miss the added detail of the chocolate camera roll! If you love super sweet desserts, you know where to head in your next moment of weakness.

Pocket Pinch – 300 bucks for this beauty from Bodega, on the turning of Park Street and Camac Street.

Also try – Bodega Bomba (a raspberry delight with the added fun of cracking open the white chocolate ball it comes in!)

Want to find out what our favourite roadside desserts are? Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page and tell us if you think we missed out on some dessert that deserves to be on out list!

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