True Story How do I decide what to eat in a restaurant? I count how many times the menu description of the dish has the word ‘cheese’ in it. Duh!

Fun Fact A turophile is defined as the ‘ultimate cheese lover’. Go ahead, we’ll wait while you update your Instagram bio.

If you’re a turophile and love cheese in all it’s heavenly forms – grilled, baked, shredded, grated, melted, stinky – then this guide to the 5 best dishes in Kolkata for your next cheesy date is for you!

Cheese Nachos

  1. Classic Nachos – Chilis

Warm oozy cheese covering crisp nachos topped with salsa and sour cream washed down with a couple of margaritas is everything you need for girl’s/boy’s night out! Chilis nails yet another dish, these classic nachos will take you straight to Mexico. For all the carnivores out there, don’t forget to add grilled chicken and crispy bacon bits for the ultimate experience.

Pocket Pinch – You can get this at any of the Chilis outlets across the city (Kasba, South City and Quest). It comes at 315 for a plate which has enough to share (but are you really up to sharing?)

Also try – Texas Cheese poppers – fried cheesy goodness with the creamiest dip

Cheese Poppers

  1. Jalapeno Cheese Poppers – Café Mezzuna

Fried cheese > everything else

You can’t be counting calories while eating cheese so you may as well go all the way. Perfectly crisp on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside, a treat for the tastebuds, a feast for the gods, jalapeno cheese poppers are a perfect way to kick start any meal.

Pocket Pinch – Lucky for you, Mezzuna has more than one outlet. South City and Forum both play host to this little balls of goodness which come at Rs 175 a pop!

Also try – Philadelphia berry cheesecake! Cheesecake counts as cheese, right?

Mac and Cheese

  1. Mac and Cheese– Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Classic, timeless, comforting, cheese in its most authentic form…mac and cheese at Coffee Bean is like home away from home. If you can’t be bothered making it at home, this is your next best bet. The mozzarella grilled cheese goes on for daysssss and will leave you drooling. Next time you’re caught day dreaming, it won’t be over the new Fifty Shades movie, it’ll be over good ol’ mac ‘n’ cheese.

Pocket Pinch – Multiple outlets at Forum Mall and one at Quest serve this beauty at Rs 300. Don’t forget to add some chicken and mushrooms!

Also try – Their grilled chicken and cheese sandwich makes a great weekday lunch

Chicken and Cheese Quiche

  1. Chicken and Cheese Quiche– La Maison Des Délices

More like a tart than a quiche and extremely filling, it will make for a hearty breakfast. Absolutely loaded with chicken and generous amounts of cheese, caramelised onions and herbs which added a unique dimension to the pie. Start your day with a healthy dose of cheesy goodness.

Pocket Pinch – Tucked away in the quaint neighbourhood in Hindustan Park, pick up the quiche for less than Rs 100.

Also try – Their sit-down tea menu , makes for a perfect date that will make you feel like a character out of an Enid Blyton novel!

Cheese Fondue

  1. Cheese Fondue– Jalapenos

AN ENTIRE pot of melted cheese. ‘Nuff said. Sinfully herb-y, garlic-y cheese fondue, this sexy mama will you weak in the knees.

Pocket Pinch – Rs 425 for enough to go around for the whole squad

Also try – All the little fried snacky things to dip into your leftover fondue

Fun Fact From 1935-37 in Wisconsin, it was legally mandated to serve cheese in restaurants. Anyone want to time travel?

Special mention Still haven’t satisfied all your cheese cravings? Don’t miss out on the gooey cheese cigars from My Big Fat Belly, and Chicken Cheese Malai kebab from Lucknow.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page and tell us if you think we missed out on some dessert that deserves to be on out list!

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