10 Best Brunch Ideas


We know you’ve stalked Insta-rich kids and their designer clothes and shades sipping mimosas every Sunday afternoon, we’ve all done it! Here are 10 easy ways to bring your brunch fantasies a reality right at home! Brunch Rule #1 – it’s against the law to  pay Rs 500 for two eggs and a side of hashbrowns

Fruity Drinks

  1. Fruity Drinks with little umbrellas

Whether you like it tropical or citrus-y or berry-licious, kick-start your brunch with a fun colourful drink. A good squeeze of lime or lemon, hint of mint, drizzle of honey, generous helping of some fizz or a fruit juice, topped off with crushed ice (and vodka) Brunch Rule #2 Drunch = Drinks +Brunch

  1. Egg-celent

Sunny side up, baked, scrambled, omelettes, French toast – eggs are an egg-straordinary addition to any brunch. Make your eggs egg-quisite in this super simple way – make a spicy salsa or a sauce (like one you would use as a pasta base), crack an egg on top, and pop it into the oven for 10-15 minutes. The results are egg-celent! (Yes I know this part was filled with egg-stra bad puns! What can I say – it ‘cracks’ me up!)

Scrambled Eggs

  1. Healthy is always happy

Make a simple layered treat with unsweetened yoghurt, sliced bananas, honey and muesli – super yum and super healthy. Oats and cereal are always a good bet. Salads are a good way to start too. You can always throw in a Caeser Salad and pick out the croutons and eat them first!

Omelette and Suasages

  1. Get creative with cuisines

Bring out your inner globe-trotter; don’t hesitate to mix and match with different cuisines. Spanish omelettes, Italian frittatas, Mexican churro waffles, desi aloo paratha go together surprisingly well. Brunch Rule #3 Unleash the experimenter in you, there are no rules for a brunch (oh wait…)!

  1. Mini Treats

Brunch Rule #4 brunch is the only place where smaller is better! Waffles on a stick, pancake skewers, mini cookies, bite-sized pies – the possibilities are endless. Fun to eat and so much more variety, keep your treats little to add to the cuteness.

Mushroom Balls

  1. Cheese-y and Fried

Make a mixture with anything from finely chopped mushrooms and mash potatoes to bacon and minced chicken; add your favourite cheese; make small balls; crumb coat and deep fry. You can’t go wrong! Brunch Rule #4 Stuff individual balls with mozzarella before frying to get the perfect pulled-cheese center

  1. Stuff It Up

Stuff your favourite veggies (mushrooms, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant) with pasta, rice dishes; top it with cheese, and bake to crisp it up. Get the flawless balance between veggie goodness and carb contentment.


  1. Put it in a tart

Brunch Rule #5 – If you don’t know how to serve something, put it in a tart. Anything from leftover dinner to a ham and cheese mix, the simplest thing is to wrap it in some pastry and bake it. Tarts are the perfect solution. (ratatouille)

  1. Blend it Up

You know the blender you bought a million years ago and never used? It’s finally time to bring it out of storage! Throw in some fresh fruit with yoghurt and a dash of honey for sweetness and you’ve got yourself the perfect smoothie Brunch Rule #6 everything tastes better as a drink

Brunch Dessert

  1. Don’t forget dessert

And I don’t mean muffins (which are just wannabe cupcakes, let’s be honest!) but real chocolate-y calorie-filled goodness. Waffles or pancakes are a must-have. Throw in a no bake cheesecake or a make-ahead dessert. No one said no a trifle, ever! Brunch Rule #7  it isn’t brunch if there isn’t icing sugar involved!

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