Vegan vs Vegetarian – what's the difference?

Has your friend told you that they’ve recently become vegan and you’ve pretended to know what that means and casually laughed it off while trying to google what ‘vegan’ means before you order dinner with them? Chances are, yes!


So, to make your life (and mine) easier here’s ‘The Dummies Guide’ to telling the difference between vegans and vegetarians.


Vegetarians are people who don’t consume meat, simple. So, a vegetarian wouldn’t eat chicken, beef, seafood, or any living thing really.


Vegans not only do not consume meat, they don’t consume any animal bi-product either. They basically take vegetarianism one step further by not consuming things like dairy products, and some even avoiding items made from animals like leather and wool.


While vegetarianism is more of a diet choice, veganism is more a lifestyle choice.


For those with enough self-restraint and disciple to make either of these choices my strong advice is don’t listen to the haters. There will always be those who just cant accept other people’s choices.


Now go grab yourself a snack…you’ve earned it!

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