5 Last Minute Mother's Day Presents

Just realised it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and you haven’t got your favourite person a special something? Don’t stress just yet! Here are 5 fool-proof ways to make your mother smile (plus, they all involve food – everyone smiles when food is around!).


  1. Breakfast in Bed

I’ve never met anyone who says no to breakfast in bed so what better thing than to kick start Mother’s Day with some freshly brewed tea, garam paranthas or fluffy pancakes? You’ll help her start her day sunny side up!


  1. Chocolate Bouquet

Who wants flowers when you can have a chocolate bouquet? Arrange assorted chocolates into a bouquet and voila! Guaranteed that your Queen will be delighted at her present.

  1. Takeout and a Movie

Don’t worry if you’re no culinary wizard., there’s always home delivery! If your SuperMother spends most of her day in the kitchen, give her a break. Order some takeout, sit back on the sofa and enjoy a movie together! Trust me, there’s nothing she would rather do.


  1. Mom-osa Bar

What better way than to have some down-time on a Sunday afternoon, lazing with your mum, sipping mimosas (or the poison of her choice!). Grab her a bottle of her favourite bubbly, book her a massage and let her bury herself in her favourite book. Bonus points if you arrange for snacks!


  1. Bring her favourite restaurant home

If you really have no time to do anything else then instead of taking her out to dinner (let’s be honest, every restaurant is going to be packed!), bring the restaurant home! Order in from her favourite place, decorate the dining table with flowers, light candles while soft music plays in the background, and if you really want to make her feel special, wait on her!

Don’t wait for Mother’s Day to make your mum feel special – she deserves to feel like that every day. So even if you’re late to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can always use these suggestions any day of the year!

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