Ice-Cream Rolls LIVE at Frollz

If you watch MasterChef you know that half the excitement of food is watching it being prepared –the ‘theatre element’. The costume of the chef, the dramatic flame of the stove, the slow-motion sprinkling of ingredients – the entire production is ready (sets, props, actors, special effects and all). And there are few things more exciting to watch being prepared than ice-cream. Frollz does exactly that – the cream goes from liquid to perfectly icy rolls in a matter of minutes all of which happens right before your eyes.

With funky interiors, Frollz serves portions with about half a dozen ice cream rolls, topped with whipped cream and other customizable delicious (and fresh!) ingredients. Of the standard flavours we tried the Butterscotch, Kiwi Blast and CookieSpree!

The Cookiespree has a chocolate-ey oreo base which is topped with cookie chunks. If cookie dough were an ice-cream, this is probably what it would taste like.

For a fresh fruit tangy slightly sour taste, opt for the Kiwi Blast – a burst of fruity tartness!

If you love extremely sweet desserts, go for the Butterscotch. Laden with golden caramel and crunchy butterscotch bits, this is going to be a favourite among the sweet-lovers.

For the more adventurous foodie, Frollz also has innovative flavours like pina colada and seasonal fruit (its Mango this summer!). We loved the Paan one – even though we were apprehensive about trying this at first, it was probably our favourite. Made with actual beetel leaf and condiments used in paan, this icecream is a perfect end to a meal with the minty freshness lingering on with you.

Below Frollz, TRO, the Rollover provides a great option for some quick bites. Everything is in roll form (duh!). The mini rolls or billets are a must try. We personally loved the pizza, au gratin and mushroom billets. Bonus points for creativity!

For a more substantial meal, try the vada pav roll or get creative with mixing and matching rotis and fillings.

You can also build you own rice bowl and customise your rice with exciting options like dum biryani and lassoni mirchi with an array of vegetarian sides.

Next time you’re looking for a bite on the go or a fun spin on the classic ice-cream sundae, you know where to head!

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