Mango Mania – celebrating the King of Fruits at Flurys

Mango Mania

Nothing screams summer more than mangoes. The arrival of mangoes is like the homecoming of the royals, awaited with much anxiety and excitement, the first showers of the season celebrated as they herald the onset of the ripening of the blessed fruit, and when the mangoes do finally arrive at the dining table in their glorious bright juicy selves, the exhilaration is unparalleled.

Mango Mania

Flurys pulled out all the stops this season and will launch a full-blown Mango Menu called Mango Mania which will be available at all outlets from 19 May to 4 June and we cannot be more thrilled. Lucky us, we were invited to a sneak-peak of the menu! Curated by Executive Chef Vikas Kumar, the menu has several desserts and dishes to pay homage to the King of Fruits.

Mango Mania

Mango Mania

Want a full-blown cake? There is no shortage of options. Favourites off the menu are the New York-style Mango Cheesecake, Fresh Mango Gateaux, Mango-Checkered Cake, Fresh Mango Japonaise, the Mango Log and a classic Sponge with Mango Buttercream.

Mango Mania

Each cake is inspired from different desserts and even parts of the world, each with varying textural elements to make sure there’s a continuous party in your mouth!

Enjoy a High Tea with the individually portioned mango treats available. For the lover of the slightly less sweet flavours, yoghurt layered mango dessert is a must have. Fresh and clean flavours allow the mango to sing. The Mango Custard is another favourite with a warm home-y pudding feel. The Mango Tea Cake is another delicate option for the calorie-conscious. Don’t forget to down it with a selection of mango drinks that are specially made – the Mango Cheesecake Shake sounds like one not to miss out on!

Bonus points – only fresh Alphonso mangos are used in all the desserts which are made daily so you’re guaranteed the best of the best! The perfect blend of the time-tested pastry genius of Flurys and the innate beauty of mangos is bound to create magic – don’t miss out!

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