Ice Cream vs Sorbet vs Gelato – what’s the difference?

Step 1 in beating the heat this summer is guzzling vast quantities of frozen deliciousness aka ice cream. But did you know that there are different kinds of dessert that we club under the broad heading of ice-cream?


Gelato, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, granita, ice pops are not just a fancy words for ice-cream. They’re actually pretty different  – they are all made of diverse ingredients which changes their texture and flavour. So let’s break it down in the ‘Dummy’s Guide’ to the difference between Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet.


The Main Difference – The main difference is in the ingredients used. Sorbet is basically water + sugar + fruit, while ice cream and gelato is milk/cream + sugar + fruit. So the last two are more ‘creamy’, while sorbet is more ‘icy’.


The Sensitive Difference – If you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, regular ice-cream is going to wreck all kinds of havoc. Sorbet, which has no dairy products in it, will probably sit better with you!


The Conscious Person’s Difference – You probably often see gelato being advertised as healthier. That’s because it has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream. So if you’re on a diet, you know which one to go for!


The Connoisseur’s Difference – Gelato is silkier, softer and served at a lower temperature than ice cream which is why the main flavour often shines through more. Sorbet is like a popsicle – remember orange sticks from when you were little?


The Foodies Difference – There isn’t one! If you need a giant dose of ice cold to beat the rising mercury, anything will do!


Now go grab the nearest thing that will literally melt for you. Comment below telling us which one you prefer and why – sorbet, gelato or ice-cream?

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