Pig Out: We're Getting Our Fill Of Asian At The Fatty Bao

Kolkata, say hello to Izakaya style of dining. Izakaya is basically a typical Japanese bar where those who’ve slogged during the day go to unwind after work with a drink and a bunch of small plates. The Fatty Bao is Kolkata’s first Japanese-style gastropub and it’ll take your tastebuds for a rollercoaster ride. The Bangalore-based chain came to the city late last year and we are living for their picture-perfect desserts, hearty ramen bowls and all the boas and dim sum!

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Small Plates

Most of the menu is dedicated to small plates and we are not complaining. Tiny dim sums that pack a flavourful punch and fluffy baos, you won’t be disappointed. Take a bite straight out of heaven with their Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Dim Sum – a veggie delight, this five funghi and edamame stuffed dim sum is wrapped in a beetroot-flavoured wrap which gives it it’s unique bright red colour.


Open baos are relatively new on the food scene and unlike a traditional bao, which is sealed on all sides, they allow a pop of freshness to be added to the bao. The closed bao was literally more closed in terms of options {you could only fill it with a cooked meat or filling}. An open bao allows you to add raw and fresh produce which not only lifts the flavour but also adds new textures to the palate.

Pork lovers, here’s your one-stop shop to pig out! The Fatty Bao brings char sui pork to our longing souls. Char Sui is a Cantonese style preparation of pork that leaves it sticky, sweet and perfectly soft after being roasted.  Fatty’s PB & J {aka pork belly and jam} will steal your heart – thinly cut slices of perfectly fatty pork in a tangy {almost barbecue sauce-like} tang. You can also cut the char sui pork in a ” light as a feather” bao.


Get ready for a whole new dessert experience at Fatty. With more elements than you can count, Insta-worthy presentation, perfectly complex yet simple, incredibly well balanced, visually stunning, these incredibly conceptualised desserts are the first of its kind in the city. The signature Zen forest looks like a work of art and for the adventurous foodie, it’s ‘savoury dessert’ nature is perfect. For the more traditional eaters, Cocoa Caramel is a must try. Flavours of hazelnut, caramel and chocolate with a play on textures, it’s a gastronomical delight.

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