Bigger Is Better: Mamagoto's Giant New Bowls Have Us Drooling

Need somewhere to go for date night? Head to Mamagoto and tuck into their new range of giant bowls introduced for Chinese New Year – perfect for sharing!

We Like Big Bowls & We Cannot Lie

Say goodbye to monoportions and hello to big hearty bowls that fill you right up. Big eaters and hungry foodies, Mama has a whole range of bowls and we are living for them! Both rice and noodle bowls in veggie and non-veg options {they have everything from lamb and pork to chicken and fish!}, there’s so much to choose from. Dig into Cantonese noodles and chow down on some Schezuan-style veggies, the bowls are inspired from different parts of Asia so there’s tons of variety in flavour.

Sweet-Sour Fish & Rice Bowl

Our fav of the day was a sweet-sour basa fish served with aromatic Jasmine rice. The fish is super soft an flaky and the sauce has a sweet tangyness to eat that is so more-ish. Served with a spring of fresh veggies on top, it’s the perfect weekend lunch meal.

Another hit is the Tofu 2 Way. The Tofu is served in two ways – a simple stir fry and the other cooked in a light sauce. The peppery sauce hits just the right flavaour tones. Served with udon noodles {these guys make a mean noodle!} and some veggies on the side {fresh water chestnut and broccoli!}, even non-vegetarians will love this bowl.

Cantonese-Style Pork Noodles

Still have space for more? The Cantonese-style udon noodles which comes both in pork and chicken is a great pick. Before you begin, check out Mama’s new range of baos. Stuffed with crispy chicken or succulent duck, these baos will have you singing “bao chicka wow wow”. The bao itself is made in-house and is really soft and fluffy. The smattering of  veggies just lifts the dish and adds a sprig of freshness to it.

New Bowl Spread

The bowls range between INR 579 and INR 799 and are going to be available for about another 2 months.

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